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Hi – I am Rick Champion and I would love your support in the next election.

I grew up in rural Durham County in the 60s and 70s. My dad worked as a flooring installer and my mother worked in drapery and hosiery mills. I was a latch key kid, without knowing what that meant. Both parents worked extremely long hours and sometimes two jobs. Their work ethic was instilled in me. I learned the importance of working both for what I needed and what I want. I was taught that you don’t get anything without earning it. I learned as a young teenager the importance of hard work by working on my neighbors’ tobacco farms and also working with my father. One of my neighbors was a contractor and he would take me along with his teenage son to help him frame houses and do carpentry work. I was told that if I needed money for gas to drive the family car or money for a date, I had to work and earn it, because it was not going to be given it to me.

After graduating from Southern Durham High School with honors, I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Again my hard work ethic continued as I often worked two part-time jobs as I was attending college. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice in four years and went directly to law school. Although law school advisers disapproved, I continued to work a part-time job at Darryl’s restaurant because I had to pay my way through law school. I can honestly say I have worked in many different types of trades: farming, construction, sales and restaurant work. I know what it means to work hard for yourself and your family.

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Currently, I live in Burlington, NC with my wife, my rock, Kelley Carrigan Champion and our youngest sons Brennan and Ty. Kelley received both her undergraduate and masters degrees from Elon University where she played soccer all four years. During her senior year at Elon, Kelley was asked to establish the women’s soccer team at Western Alamance High School and was their first coach. Kelley has been a teacher at Blessed Sacrament School for over 23 years. Kelley also taught kids gymnastics at Kidsport for many years.

Our daughter Erica is a graduate of Western Alamance and UNC-Charlotte. At Western, she was a four year member of the cheerleading squad and drama department. She lives in Charlotte and works for Randstad Technologies. She previously lived and worked in Manhattan, New York. Erica is also an active member of the Junior League of Charlotte and a participant in their Leadership Development program.

Our son Zachary attended Western Alamance High School and graduated from GTCC Middle College and Appalachian State University. At Western, he was a member of the football team and baseball team. He lives in Greensboro and works as a middle school teacher at Blessed Sacrament School. He has lived and worked in Breckenridge, Colorado and was a part-time snowboard instructor.

Our senior Brennan and freshman Ty attend Williams High School and were members of the 2019 Men’s State 3A Champion Soccer team. Brennan received All-Conference, All-State and Mid-Atlantic honors this year and is searching for a college to attend in the fall. In middle school, Ty was a county doubles tennis champion. Needless to say, Kelley and I are very proud of our kids.

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